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What a great success it was to have the Ladies Day held at the church on Saturday. Great that some 135 ladies attended and were filled with God’s blessing of the ‘Friendship Of Women’. We thank God for such great faith and devotion to God and his word and the building up of other women for ultimitely, the Glory of God. Check out our facebook link to see great photos of the day.

What a PRIVALEDGE and BLESSING it was to be in God’s House this morning.

Pastor Nobin brought us a wonderful message headed;


We are cautioned to be alert and watchful. It implies that we need to be focused on the times and focus on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “keep watch for you do not know the time of my return”.

Sleep is described as to be uncontious, unaware of your surroundings and inactivity.To sleep through a football game or a lazy weekend afternoon can be nice, but we need to be active in our walk of faith.We cannot sleepwalk through life. We must be prepared for his coming. Everyday draws closer to our final day on this earth. It feels like the year has just started and yet its almost over. The Apostle Paul reminds us that the time for sleep is over.There is a sense of urgency towards Christ.We have the word of hope, the Gospel, in our hands.There is a great need for us to wake from our slumber and share the word of God with others.Paul says, “don’t put it off for another day”. If you feel God pushing you to speak to that work coleage, that neighbour, do it today. Don’t leave it till tomorrow.The day is coming when the darkness of sin will be lifted from this world and the glory of God will cover the earth with a shining like that this earth has not seen before. we need to ask ourselves, is our commitment genuine? we should demonstrate a decent Godly walk. If we say we are saved, then we should live like people who are saved.

Does your walk match your talk? there should be nothing hidden in your life. Your life must be an open book, so that we can draw people near to Christ by our Godly example.

Do you attract people by your walk in your faith, or does how you live turn people away from God? Paul calls us to wait with expectancy. Which means we must be prepared. We must cloth ourselves with all that Jesus is.

He is the light, so we must be the light.

He is Faithful, so we must be Faithful.

He is Holy, so we must be Holy.

He loves the Father, so we must love the Father.

He walked in total obedience, so we must walk in total obedience.

Be directed by the spirit, not by the flesh, for the flesh will be our downfall. Is there an area in your life that God has put his finger on today? If so you are encourage to seek his help and guidance, for he is Faithful and able to help you turn from those areas in life and recommit to him in all things.

May your prayer this week be

-Dear God, help me this week to see where in my life i have gone my own way. Help me to turn those areas back to you Lord. Cover me with your grace and mercy. Fill me with your spirit. I recommit my life to you today. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

 God’s Strength everyone.


The Editor

Hi Friends,


For some years now we have been planning to build a High School in Samasodu Village. This continues our relationship we have had with Samasodu Village over the last twelve years where we have constructed a Rural Health Centre, housing for staff, sanitation and water supply. We have also ran many community programs which have involved over 160 team members participating in 7 separate projects.


Recently land declarations in Samasodu Village were finalised which has enabled us to move to the next stage of planning. To enable the planning to progress a team will travel to Samasodu in November this year. The attached itinerary outlines the specific dates. A limited number of people are able to join the team for this trip. During the project our team will be doing the following;


  • Plotting the entire site including building locations where the High School will be built
  • Surveying and assessing the viability of water supply to the High School site
  • Performing maintenance on existing infrastructure we have installed
  • Conducting numerous community meetings and consulting with the village stake holders


Some of the experiences to expect as part of this project include;


  • Travel in a third world country where Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases are prevalent
  • Extensive travel on ships and small boats to get to our destination (around 60 hours)
  • Staying in shared accommodation in the village that is very basic
  • Extensive movement through dense jungle for up to 8 hours continuously
  • Extreme heat and humidity
  • The possibility that you may miss one or several meals
  • Working up to 12 hours a day and sometimes more
  • Subordinating to the leadership team and their instructions
  • Supporting the objectives of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia and SWIM


If you are interested in being part of the 2016 team then please contact Rod Peet on email repeet777@hotmail.com or 0412058848. The cost of the trip will be $1600 which includes airfares, connections, food, travel insurance and all transport within the Solomon Islands. Team enrolment and final payment is due by the 30 September, 2016. Former team members and new team members are welcome to apply. For information on previous trips please visit https://www.facebook.com/SamasoduMissionTrip2014/



On behalf of the leadership team,




Rod Peet

Project Coordinator

Ph: 0412 058848

Click on the Itineray below.

Itinerary for whole project – 2016 Samasodu

the editor CRC

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