Our Faith

Welcome to our Christian Reformed Church of Wamberal on the Central Coast of NSW – a place to learn about Jesus, to serve him and each other and get connected with men and women in and around Central Coast who are committed to knowing Jesus Christ and making him known.
You will see very ordinary people arriving as families and individuals. Our congregation is not a huge church so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Our worship is very simple; you won’t see any unfamiliar religious practices or liturgy except that we sing and pray and listen. We are relaxed and get together like a family with parents and kids and so on. We have the same joys and hang ups as anyone else and yet we are special because we gather as God’s family, his children. As Martin Luther liked to say we are: “sinners yet saints”, strugglers and imperfect but God loves us anyway.
The focus for our time together is on the teaching from the Bible. Not a dreary monologue but a listening to God in such a way we see the wonder of God, the magnificence of his love and grace, being enthused to a live a life of joy and thankfulness. The Bible teaching, like all our activities, is aimed at helping us live closer to God, getting to know him and his will for our lives, helping us as adults to mature as Christians, helping us raise our children to follow Jesus. We want very much to support one another in the hard times and share our joys in the good times.
Our church motto is ‘Be still and know that I am God’. We want to reflect his compassion and love. So we want to reach out to others and have them, have you, bask in God’s love which comes through Jesus. So anyone and everyone is most welcome to our Church on a Sundays. You don’t have to be a Christian. Come along and check us out. We pray that our community is one where you can look for God in an honest and authentic way, where our love is genuine and a reflection of God’s love.